About ISAL

Why to choose ISAL Coin?

Make payment methods more smooth with a CashBack for each payment through ISAL.

Our mission is to make a huge difference in people’s lives around the world. We will do this by providing a job opportunity for everyone with enthusiasm and ambition to win regardless of their experience and potential. We will also provide an opportunity for shop owners and websites to increase their customers.

Our vision is that the ISAL coin will be used daily to trade in all areas of life, including the establishment of stores and products. We also envisage providing innovative ideas for companies to have a complete and comfortable environment for ISAL, increasing the number of users, shops, restaurants, hotels, and e-commerce that accept currency payment so ISAL can reach $100 within 3-5 years. .

Our goal is to create an innovative model in the transaction between the seller and the buyer, and provide a direct payment method for sales done in shops, restaurants, hotels, or online.


How it Works

Buying ISALCoin smart contract control the token price and its value in the market as well as improve the relationship between investors and suppliers, thereby providing trust and efficiency. Also, create a safe and relaxed business climate.

Register & Create wallet

Fill in the registration form. Click "Wallet" from My Account Dashboard tab. Follow the process to enter credit card and bank account information to complete the setup.

Add Funds to Wallet

Simply, under your account click deposit, fill the form with the amount you want to add, choose credit card or bank account to transfer from, and then click deposit.

Buy or Sell Orders

The process involves looking for a cryptocurrency pair in order to perform a crypto-to-crypto exchange or exchanging crypto for fiat or fiat currency for cryptos.

Benefits of Using Our Solution

NUXESE will be created on the Ethereum Blockchain. It will allow Smart Contracts to not only ensure that transactions are error-free, but also investor payments against their investment (faster than traditional returns to investors); and we will unsure ISAL coin is stable, and its price will rise gradually.With NUXESE comes new solutions to address the challenges and problems of exponential growth with outstanding trading fees, but our fees will also be precisely adjusted according to the volume of transactions and current activity on the market.

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Secure and Safe

Your private key will be encrypted and backed up by only you and no one else.

Cloud Based

Cashback for shopping

ISAL will give the users our signature AutoSave and Recurring investment transaction options for the peace of mind.

No transaction fees

Grow Savings

ISAL will give the users our signature AutoSave and Recurring investment transaction options for the peace of mind.

Instant operations

World wide Reach

Our team is located across multiple countries and it is our goal to expand ISAL region by region.

Strong teams & Advisors

Strong teams & Advisors

Strength is related to our professional, highly-skilled, and experienced team in the crypto currency marketing, finance, management and information technology industry.

Protects the identity

Protects the identity

NUXESE provides highlly secure ecosystem environment with the latest tools and strategies in the cybersecurity and information technology.

ISAL Token Sale

ISAL Token will soon be starting the public sale.

126 M ISAL tokens are being offered at a price of $0.15 USD each with a GUARANTEED Cashback from merchant shopping transactions..

  • Retail price of 1 ISAL:

    0.15 USD

  • Term of ISAL token sale:

    180 days with the possibility of an automatic early completion in pursuing the final goals of ISAL Token

  • Total Supply:

    971,210,313 ISAL

  • Token Sale:

    126,250,000 - 13%

  • Soft/Hard Cap:

    2 M - 20 M

  • Adjustable emission:

    additional release оf tokens will not be possible

  • Secured ways to purchase tokens:

    Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), fiat payments

Public Sales Stage 1 20 Nov 2020 - 30 Nov 2020 20% Extra ISAL
Public Sales Stage 2 01 Dec 2020 - 15 Dec 2020 15% Extra ISAL
12 Days Left
Public Sales Stage 3 16 Dec 2020 - 31 Dec 2020 10% Extra ISAL
Coming Soon
Public Sales Stage 4 01 Jan 2021 - 15 Jan 2021 5% Extra ISAL
Coming Soon
PUBLIC SALES STAGE 5 16 Jan 2021 - 31 Jan 2021 2.5% Extra ISAL
Coming Soon

Distribution of Tokens

Currency Convertor

Compare the price of ISAL to fiat currencies

Road Map

Our Roadmap Section.


Business idea concept and market analysis.

2018 - Quarter 1 & 2

The Beginning

Planning and development processes. Financial and Commerce Ecosystem.

2018 - Quarter 3 & 4

Management Team

Assigning the management team and analysing the business.

2019 - Quarter 1 & 2

Create Tokens

ISAL ERC-20 Token Creation (Ethereum Platform).

2019 - Quarter 3


Design and Consulting.

2019 - Quarter 4

Establishing the company in Estonia

"Nuxese Group OÜ" (Registry code:14930122).

2020 - Quarter 1

Cryptocurrency license

Obtaining the cryptocurrency license in Estonia "FVT000055" .

2020 - Quarter 2

FreedomNXS Website

The official sale of ISAL coin through FreedomNXS.

2020 - Quarter 2

Development our Project

launching isalcoin.com website

launching nuxses.com website

launching Nuxese software of analysis and trading

2020 - Quarter 3 & 4

ISAL Wallet App

.ISAL Wallet App: a special platform to trade ISAL coin with other known cryptocurrencies.

2020 - Quarter 4

PayNXS Application

launching PayNXS: ISAL payment method which is a new innovative way to attract and connect customers to shops owners.

2020 - Quarter 4

ShopNXS Store

launching ShopNXS - E-commerce store

2021 - Quarter 1



2021 - Quarter 2

SHOPNXS Suppliers

SHOPNXS Suppliers

2021 - Quarter 3

SHOPNXS Fulfilment

SHOPNXS Fulfilment

2021 - Quarter 4


Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of ISAL Token, Support, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below or read our documents.

SAL Coin is THE cryptocurrency that will link the virtual world to the real world through the projects it will offer giving you the MOST benefit!

Projects that will support the ISAL Coin :
  1. PayNXS: is a mobile application for payment at points of sale in the real world
  2. ShopNXS: Online stores that have special and distinct features
  3. ISAL Wallet: it will support ISAL Coin
  4. TradeingNXS: that will change the style of trading through its exclusive tools

Blockchain that solved the problems of transferring money between people without the need for mediation or the loss of large commissions But also the fluctuation of the prices of cryptocurrencies and their presence in the virtual world only, this did not encourage or motivate many people to use cryptocurrencies in the real world. Our ISAL currency has solved this problem through its projects that support the ISAL Coin.

Yes. The KYC process needs to be done by by yourself which is for the compliance requirements. You need to :

  1. RFill in your personal information.Your Nationality, Date of Birth, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name and Document No. which are filled in should match the information reflected in the identification documents that you have uploaded.
  2. Upload your national ID, Driver license or passport
  3. Take a selfie, and please make sure your face is clear to see in the selfie.
The required quantities of ISAL (13%) will be sold through our ICOs, and the sale will continue through our partner FREEDOMNXS (www.freedomnxs.com) within 3-5 years.

ICO, or Initial Coin Offering is a mechanism for raising funds, under the terms of which digital tokens are sold for various liquid cryptocurrencies. Usually, three different types of tokens are distributed: virtual currency, utility and equity. Virtual currencies are usually coins with their own blockchain, used as a payment option with various features. Utility tokens are used in their respective projects only, providing bonuses or used to pay for services. Equity tokens, or securities, offer either dividends or other means of profit, a share in a company or a right to vote. Backers support campaigns now in order to get some benefit later.

Pre-ICO - a stage before the ICO (main stage), fundraising for the project. Pre-ICO is conducted to test and verify the demand for the project, get support from the community and expand the budget for marketing before the main ICO. Not all projects carry out a pre-ICO.
ISAL Coin is an ERC20 token, and can be stored in any ERC20 compatible wallet. We do not recommend a particular product.
ERC-20 tokens are tokens designed and used solely on the Ethereum platform. They follow a list of standards so that they can be shared, exchanged for other tokens, or transferred to a crypto-wallet.
  • You will need an Ethereum wallet.
  • Apply for KYC ( Know Your Customer ) and get the approval if you are an early investor.
  • If you are successfully verified with KYC program our team will reach you via email.
  • Transfer ETH to a given wallet address.
  • Get tokens.
Currently, only Bitcoin and Ethereum, and will add USDT in the near future.
In your account, under dashboard.
Yes. After transferring the Ethers, you will receive a confirmation email stating the amount transferred and the number of ISALCoins you will be receiving. Almost immediately after sending your funds from an ERC20 compatible wallet, you will get the equivalent rate of ISALCoins.